My dearest Jude,

It's hard to admit, but all the cliches are true. Before you were born, I didn't quite care to understand the depth behind the statements like: you-never-knew-you-could-love-someone-so-much alongside the it's-the-hardest-job-you'll-ever-love (and Mama and Daddy have had some hard jobs) matched now with the they-grow-up-so-fast. There are plenty more cliches, Jude, that Daddy and I have realized are true in these last two years with you - so many of them are about discovery, vulnerability, delight and being humbled by the everyday messes and miracles of watching you grow. 

Pap Camp


Earlier this month, James and I were in a bind. James needed to be in Kenya during the same time I needed to be in Los Angeles. For the first seven years of our marriage, this was not a problem. But now we're parents, it's not so simple. What were we going to do with Jude? Enter Pap Camp.

That's right - Jude's Grandpap (and Lovey) said they just happened to be taking enrollments to camp at their home in San Diego during the very week that we needed help! Luckily, we got our application in on time and there was one spot open for a 15-month-old boy! Jude and I flew to San Diego to drop him off at his very first camp. We couldn't believe what we found.

Okay, first - here were the camp counselors for the week.

Here's Lovey greeting Jude at the airport.


And here's Pap. (We made sure that Jude came with his camp uniform: a smaller version of Pap's blue polo shirts):


Okay, now onto the Camp itself. We took a tour of the facilities, and I mean, are you kidding me? #BestCampEver




I was sad to say goodbye to my baby, but I felt pretty comfortable heading up to L.A. for a few days while he attended his first camp. The photos that the counselors sent along the way confirmed that he had a pretty grand time.

Jude was given his own customized Pap Camp hat upon arrival to the pool. FullSizeRender

Daily walks to Mission Bay (by way of wagon) to swing, play in the sand, and blow kisses to all the strangers.


Afternoon playtime indoors in Jude's Clubhouse.



Lunch dates with matching polos.


Putting on Pap's hat and cheering for himself each time.


I came back to pick Jude up from camp, and he wasn't very interested in leaving. Thanks for an amazing adventure, Pap and Lovey! We can't wait to come back again!