The Friday Five: What You Probably Didn't Know About Touring on a Bus

I'm back on the road again this weekend with Jars of Clay. The tour bus has been like a second home for me, especially in my early years with Blood:Water Mission. Here are five things you probably didn't know about touring on a bus (unless you're from Nashville, of course).


1. The bus has three rooms. A front living room with couches, table, kitchenette, tv's and a bathroom. Then, a bunk room which is separated by automatic sliding doors. There are twelve bunks - four sets of 3 bunks high. Each bunk has a private curtain, DVD player and personal light. The final room is a lounge area with a table, couches and another tv.

2. This is the best red eye travel ever. We left Nashville at 11:30p, hopped in our bunks as the bus rolled on and woke up at the venue in Virginia. Tonight when we go to sleep, we'll wake up in Indiana. Love it!

3. No pooping allowed. There's a toilet on the bus, but it's for number one only. If you gotta go, you either have to have the driver pull over at a gas station or just wait it out. I prefer the latter.

4. It's frigid in here! Most bands like to keep their busses really cold (like 60's) to cut down on the inevitable germs that are being passed by as many as 12 adults in a crammed space. I always have to pack sweatshirts and wool socks to stay warm through the night.

5. Everyone celebrates a Junk Bunk. If the bus is not full to capacity, the top bunks are designated as Junk Bunks which allow us to put our bags and junk away. Otherwise, they get scattered around our already small space (the Jars guys call the bags left out, "shenanigans"). We have 2 Junk Bunks this time around!