The Friday Five: Confessions of an iPhone Addict

20121005-101837.jpg I have a problem. I am an iPhone addict. It creates terrible habits. Here are five confessions of an iPhone addict (aka - Me):

1. Poor Bedside Manners I get into bed and grab my iPhone to set my alarm. Oh, but wait! What's the weather supposed to be tomorrow? Oh, and my calendar for the day? Hmm, has anyone at work sent me an email tonight? Well, while I'm at it, I forgot to respond to Joe - let me do that. Oh, someone tagged me in Facebook? I must see! While I'm at it, what about Twitter? Who won Thursday Night Football? Can't. Stop!

2. Dangerous Driver Apparently my life is so over-stimulating that driving a vehicle through roads and traffic is not interesting enough to keep me occupied. My mind races and I remember something I feel I need to respond to immediately. Quick, at a red light, shoot a text to someone to ease my anxiety. Bad move.

3. Dual Screen Consumer I watch television with my iPhone in hand? If the television is uninteresting enough to demand another electronic device for entertainment, why don't I turn the tv off? I DON'T KNOW!!

4. Long Line Lingerer Standing in line at Starbucks, my iPhone comes immediately out. Really? Why?! Folks, I have a big job with a lot of responsibilities like many of you, but I'm not so important that I can't look up at the people around me while I order a latte. It's just rude.

5. Bathroom Reader Gross. Need I say more?

Lord knows I need to change my ways. Next week, I begin a four-month sabbatical from my daily work at Blood:Water Mission, and part of the process is handing over my iPhone, which I did on Monday. I want to conquer this addiction and replace it with healthier habits. I'm cutting it cold-turkey, because my sabbatical is affording me the ability to do that. But I think we can all work to minimize the unhealthy habits of being an iPhone addict.

Are you a recovering iPhone addict? I would love your advice! How have you kicked some of your worst technology habits?