What is your audacious goal?


When I first ventured out with Jars of Clay to bring 1,000 wells to communities across Africa, it felt like an audacious, unattainable goal. But by the grace of God, we reached our goal. It shifted slightly to meet the needs of specific communities — sometimes a raintank was of more value than a well. In the end 1,000 communities had access to safe, clean water.

Now I can’t help but ask myself, what’s my next audacious goal? With where I am in life, I find that question hard to answer. Does it have to do with motherhood? Does it have to do with my move to California? Does it have to do with another 1,000 communities. My head hasn’t quite wrapped around it. So I’d love to hear your audacious goals.

Blood:Water is launching a social campaign to hear that exact same thing from you. It’s called #my1000wells. Here are a few samples we have received so far:




So comment below and post about your audacious goals on social media. Be sure to use #my1000wells. Let’s reach our #my1000wells together.

Even Dan Haseltine's dog, Grace, has a goal: