The Friday Five: Must-See Documentaries

I have a deep love for documentaries, especially for the way they teach me and expand my worldview. Here are five must-see documentaries to add to your Netflix queue. 1. Urbanized


By 2050, 75% of the world's population will be living in an urban dwelling. This film takes you through several cities around the globe, exposes the challenges and opportunities in urban planning, and reminds us how geography affects how we live.

2. Food, Inc


Do you know where your food comes from? Before seeing this film in 2009, I didn't know and I didn't really care. Be forewarned: this film might change your purchasing, cooking and eating choices in your life. It certainly did in mine.

3. Mad Hot Ballroom


NYC middle-school kids + ballroom dancing lessons = Delightful

4. Buck


A man who was abused as a child spends his adult life traveling the nation with a horse training program, debunking the belief that animals must be beaten to be tamed. This is the story of the real horse whisperer who demonstrates a supernatural ability to calm even the wildest of horses.

5. Under African Skies


On the 25th anniversary of his best selling album,Graceland , Paul Simon returns to South Africa and reflects on his controversial musical collaboration during the height of apartheid. This film explores the moral and artistic collision of rhythm, race, politics and identity, woven by Simon's musical genius and vision.

Which documentaries do you recommend?